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I’m constantly amazed at just how much my training is influenced by the people on this site. Whether you’re looking for a new piece of equipment, an unusual exercise variation or just an idea of how others approach things, you’ll enjoy these :

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Video : Extreme Swiss Ball Push-ups

Nice one.

Twitterchat 95 – Hormones & Diet

Inspired by Mark Sisson‘s superb The Primal Blueprint, Body by D-Rock’s Derek Peruo (@bodybydrock) has been learning about Insulin, Cortisol and the many other hormones that influence our diet, training and overall condition. It’s safe to say that there’s a strong link between what we eat and our hormone production; in both directions.
This week we’re taking a close look at this connection between Hormones & Diet, discussing the pros and cons eating and training at various times, in ever-changing ways and conditions. Fantastic.

Details –
Who : Strength-training fans
Topic : Hormones & Diet
When : Wed Dec 8, 9pm EDT (1am UTC)
How : Include #sbgym in your tweets.
To see when it’s on in your timezone, head over to the twitterchat calendar.
See you there.

Quick update on last week’s twitterchat : Thanks once again to everyone who took part in the discussion on How Do You …. Some superb ideas in there.
For those who missed out on the conversation, I’d love to hear your thoughts. At what age did you start training? In what form?

Checking Out : TRX Pro Pack

Once again, there are a lot of strength-training products on sale right now. Getting ready for Christmas, and spending a bit of time with friends and family.
One of my favourites for use when spending any length of time away from home (more specifically, away from the home gym) is the TRX. Hook it up and go.
If you’re new to the world of suspension training, Derek takes a great look at the possibilities here. And when you’re ready to grab the equipment, check out the TRX Pro Pack. TRX, instructional DVD and manual; and a workout to get you started. Perfect way to start.
As a bonus, Fitness Anywhere is currently offering the TRX at a tasty 20% discount. Just enter the code TRXMAS when you’re checking out.
Good stuff.

Exercise of the Week : Front Squat

The Front Squat. Although it’s commonly thought of as a barbell exercise, it can be performed using kettlebells, dumbbells, a sandbag – whatever you’ve got to hand.
Love it.
For a demonstration of the most common barbell variety (though certainly not the most common weight), here’s Strongman Warrick Brant shifting an incredible 340kg. Nice one.

NB : it may take a little experimentation to see which version feels right to you (there are several ways to hold the bar, or your tool of choice). It’s also worth considering things like the Sting Ray and the Front Squat Harness.