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I’m constantly amazed at just how much my training is influenced by the people on this site. Whether you’re looking for a new piece of equipment, an unusual exercise variation or just an idea of how others approach things, you’ll enjoy these :

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Video : Thumb Pad Developer

Mighty Joe builds some extremely creative grip tools. Check out his latest creation – the beautifully simple Thumb Pad Developer. Love it.

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Twitterchat 84 – Training for Armwrestling II

Love your armwrestling? Same here.
This week we’re going back to the world of armwrestling, taking a look at the professional side of this wonderful sport. Training, recovery techniques, staying competitive and so on. Helping us explore this fascinating topic is none other than StrongerWrist‘s, Scott Latella (@wristball). Fantastic.

Details –
Who : Strength-training fans
Topic : Training for Armwrestling II
When : Wed Sep 22, 9pm EDT (1am UTC)
How : Include #sbgym in your tweets.
To see when it’s on in your timezone, head over to the twitterchat calendar.
See you there.

Quick update on last week’s twitterchat : Thanks once again to everyone who took part in the discussion on Tearing. Some superb ideas in there.
For those who missed out on the conversation, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you tear cards, phonebooks or just your junk mail? Which technique do you feel more comfortable with?

Getting Ready For : Sports Biomechanics: The Basics: Optimizing Human Performance

This is the second edition of Anthony J Blazevich‘s superb book Sports Biomechanics: The Basics; available on Nov 15.
Covering everything from improving your swim stroke to optimizing running technique, this is a must have for any serious sports scientist. Superb.

Exercise of the Week : Wrist Rolling For Time

More forearm training goodness, this time in the form of the rack-mounted wrist roller. Beautiful thing.
If you’ve ever used a wrist roller (and if not, give one a shot – perfect bit of DIY equipment), chances are you’ve focused on the ‘lifting a fixed weight‘ method (as in the video above). Another variation you might like to try – and thanks to Jedd Johnson for this idea, it’s a great one – is to drag a heavy object (such as a weighted sled) over a fixed distance in the shortest time possible.
A great way to train, and to compete. Love it.