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Monday, 17 August 2009

On the Forums

I’m constantly amazed at just how much my training is influenced by the people on this site. Whether you’re looking for a new piece of equipment, an unusual exercise variation or just a training routine or two, head over to the forums :

NB : Ready to add your own workout log or training article? Just head over to the Articles & Logs page and log in, and click ‘Post to Your Blog‘. That’s all there is to it.

Video – Explosive bench pushups

Another great variation from the Wild Man – Johnny Grube. Good stuff.

Coming Events

Twitterchat : What do Formula One drivers, rugby players and many combat athletes have in common? Incredible neck strength. To help explain how to get it, Old-Time Strongman Mike ‘The Machine‘ Bruce will be joining us for this week’s Twitterchat.
If you’re keen to do a little neck work yourself, or you’ve got a neck-related question for Mike, the twitterchat’s the ideal place. See you there.
Kettlebell Juggling Contest : how’s your kettlebell juggling? For details, head over here. Good stuff.
Card Tearing Contest : or a spot of card tearing perhaps? Now this one will be fun. Find out why.
Grip Contests : There are also several grip contests coming up shortly, including :

  • USHS Nationals
  • USGS Nationals
  • Finnish Open Grip Strength Championships

For details, swing by the Grip Contest Calendar.

Exercise of the Week

The Hopper Dip. One of several brilliant Dip Variations.
Joe Hashey demonstrates the Hopper Dip (and several other dip varieties) in this clip. It’s a plyometric version of the bodyweight standard; and much harder than in looks. Give it a shot.

The Ultimate Sandbag

The Ultimate Sandbag.

I love sandbag training, and this is definitely the way to do it right.

Beautiful thing.

Outlaw 120 rope

Outlaw 120.

Rope training is fantastic, and this is my weapon of choice. Heavy, flexible and supremely strong.


The Bending eBook

The Bending eBook.

If you’re just beginning your bending journey, this is the perfect place to start.