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Video – Difference Between Side Press and Bent Press

Dave Whitley explains the difference between the oft-confused Side Press and Bent Press. Nice one.

The Macebell Maniac Network

Long-term readers may remember the Macebell Maniac Network. If you’re obsessed by the mace (and I really can’t blame you for that), take a wander over to the site and also check out the mace competition on StrongerGrip. Good stuff.

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This week : the Gymboss Interval Timer. Love it.
This is a great little thing – no matter what type of training you favour. The Gymboss simply times whatever intervals you set, and sounds an alarm at the end of each one. If you’re doing several rounds, no problem : it will keep track of each one.

Jim Biancolo summed it up perfectly :

20 seconds never felt so long, 10 seconds never so short, and four minutes never so painful.

Highly recommended.