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I listen to an ever-changing pool of podcasts, discussing the many aspects of training and nutrition possible. Most recently :
FoundMyFitness (Dr Matthew Walker on Sleep)

Over to you. Any you’d recommend?

Strength Training on Instagram

It’s fair to say that we’ve checked out quite a few images over the years – on Flickr & Smugmug in particular.

A friend of mine just pointed me to Chris Stanciu ‘s Instagram feed, which contains a great mix of nutrition and workout images :

Twitter Lists

I use Twitter for a number of things, as I’m sure everyone else here does. To talk about strength training, nutrition and many other topics. Works well.

To make this a little easier – and so people can dive right in to the topics that interest them – I use Twitter’s ‘List functionality quite a bit. There’s a full list of them here :

Whatever you’re in to, it’s all there.

NB : the above lists are always being fine-tuned. If you know of someone who tweets regularly about a particular subject and should be on one of them, let me know.

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Finally, for a daily dose of tangentially-related information – check out the following. All are compiled daily, and cover the following topics :

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And yes, they’re absolutely free.

Ferocious Fitness (Phil Ross, Marty Gallagher)

Remember this? Great book. Ferocious Fitness:A Fighter’sProven Action Planto Develop Blazing Power, Animalistic Strength and Killer Conditioning is a distillation of Phil Ross’ trainingwisdom, in the form of a superbly comprehensive book.

We took a look at the digital version recently, and you’ll be pleased to know that the paperback version is now available. Definitely worthy of a place on the fitness shelf.

Phil Ross’ Ferocious Fitness.

NB : There’s a full list of all the equipment/books/videos we recommend over in the SttB Strength Store. Dive in.

Monday, 8 Dec 2008

Video – EFS Underground Strength Sessions

A look at the EliteFTS guys in action. Warning : you may just feel like training immediately afterward. Good stuff.

The Unorthodox Method

The Unorthodox Method is Zach Coulter‘s look at Strongman, grip training, gymnastics and other fun things. A great read.

Got a site, event or product you’d like to recommend? Drop us a line.

This week we take a brief look at Linebacker Fitness.
Recently I’ve been sampling Vince Palko‘s Linebacker Fitness – a product designed specifically to ‘get you fit as a middle linebacker‘.
I’ll write up a thorough review later in the week, but just briefly :
Linebacker Fitness makes use of a simple, commonly underused excercise which certainly gets the blood pumping – jumping rope.
Although the jump rope is frequently restricted to warm-ups or not used at all, it can be incredibly effective when used as a major part of a training routine itself.
Linebacker Fitness outlines a number of superb rope exercises, as well as providing a complete, integrated program. Good stuff.